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4. Solving WordPress Hacking Issues

Solving WordPress Hacking Issues

Greetings Treasure Hunters, Interested Peeps and/or WordPress Webmasters,

What is the WordPress hacking problem and/or issue?

1. WordPress Comments postings can cause problems, so I stopped permitting visitors to post comments.

a. Void, Redirecting website URL addresses and/or not working website URL addresses should be deleted.
b. Personal Questions and Inquiries may be deleted.
c. SEO Spam including Akismet Anti-Spam plugin rejected visitor’s advertisements should be deleted.
d. Malware messages and nasty comments should be deleted.
e. Delete X-rated website advertisements and URL addresses as those sites are often virus infected.
f. Too many posted visitor’s comments slows your website access speeds and requires too much time to review.
g. The Editor does not review the not solicited advertisements posted in visitor’s messages at this website and the Editor does not give approval to not solicited advertisements from this website’s visitors.

2. Install WordPress Jetpack plugin and register your website with WordPress.com at:
a. Then activated the double login WordPress procedure. 1st login is at WordPress.com then the second login is your WordPress.com website’s login webpage.
b. Save your passwords on your regular PC’s regularly used browser. Thus, you will not have to expose the password’s text code to possible overviewing persons.

3. Have a password or pin number for your PC’s start up to login into your Operating System.

3. When a Username and/or Password does not work or you no longer have access to make changes to your website?

Then check how to correct these issues within you web hosting firm’s “phpMyAdmin” database control center by searching the internet for the procedures on these issues with WordPress. You may have to look at various websites to find an easy to understand solution/explanation.

4. Another solution to problems that resembles website hacking but probably is not is to remove your latest WordPress plugins and inactive plugins to solve administrative site access problems. Similarly, a WordPress theme change can result in similar issues and so on………

5. Probably just a corrupted file issue, that can be corrected by the aforementioned solutions. I used to have Google Advertisements from many national firms however with those advertisements, I had to give passwords and it seemed like I’d have password corruption issues too often on my WordPress websites. Those advertisements looked nice, but too many issues and zero revenues during my several months of using those advertisements. Google like many formerly paying affiliate programs abruptly stop giving credit for earnings connections and stopped paying commissions. So, I have removed my Google AdSense advertisements.

6. Another issue is “enabling cookies” problems in Windows 7 and 10; Internet Explorer 8/9/10/11 and Firefox browsers is I checked all cookie and script settings to no avail. Then I recalled that I got a new internet modem and I set the internet modem to block cookies on the modem’s manufacturer’s setting’s webpage. Once I changed this setting back to original state, I had no more problems. The “enabling cookies” problems were not being able to login to websites by failure of the browser’s ability to redirect to login webpage from the lack of cookies.

Good luck and happy computing,
David E Ros
Editor, Computer User and Webmaster Owner

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